10+1 reasons to Rent a Car in Crete, 2021

10 & 1 reasons to rent a car in Crete

Rent a Car in Crete before you arrive

Are you visiting Crete for the first time? Either if you are traveling for business or vacation, this is going to be an exciting new travel experience. Crete is the biggest Greek island, and one of the most beautiful ones with rich culture, unique lifestyle and amazing landscapes. 

Our motto is “Experience Crete like a local” and in order to do so, we highly recommend to book your car before you arrive! Crete offers public transportation and a taxi network that covers almost every destination, but driving your own car in such a big island can completely transform your traveling experience.

Here are 10+1 reasons to rent a car in Crete! Let’s begin!

1.Drive long-distance routes

The local transportation network may be functional but does not connect directly any two destinations that you may think. By driving your own car, you can travel anywhere you want without having to switch buses.

When traveling to an island like a Crete, you should be able to follow your schedule without compromising, and long distance should not be a factor that will deprive you of great experiences and visiting unique places.

A long distance may mean that you can visit a place very few times in your life, but this time is going to be one of them! 

2.Run on Your Own Schedule

When driving your own car during a trip, you are completely independent and free to run on your own schedule without having to worry about bus routes and taxi availability.

There are usually two kinds of travelers, those who schedule every little detail of their trip in advance and those who prefer a care-free vacation, and decide everything based on their current mood. Either way, transportation will not change your plans if you have your own car waiting for you, parked only a few meters away.

Even if you have not booked a car in advance, you will immediately realize that there is a car rental station in every little town or village, all around Crete. You can rent a car in Hersonissos, rent a car in Sissi, rent a car in Anissaras, rent a car in Analipsis, rent a car in Gouves or, literally, anywhere you may need it!

3.More Space

When you drive your own car, you never have to travel light!

Extra space means flexibility and flexibility is a must for families, athletes and groups that constantly seek for new adventures! When you have more than enough storage space in your options have no limits. You can go for souvenir shopping and travel anywhere you want having everything you may need at the back of your car.

If you are a photographer/videographer you can carry with you heavy photography/videography equipment to capture your moments at Crete’s most beautiful landscapes, if you are a sports enthousiast you can carry water sports equipment and if you just seek for new adventures you can always have your luggage with you to be able to spend the night in a different destinations.

4.Be Comfortable

A nice car will ensure unlimited hours of driving comfort that you can never expect when moving around with public transportation!

For some people, vacation is all about relaxing and spoiling themselves. Make a gift to yourself and choose a car with comfortable seats, air conditioning, enough space for you and your friends and  driving extras for even more convenience for your long distance road trips.

Are you traveling with family? Get in touch with our team and we will make sure to suggest the best vehicle for your trip!

5. Enjoy the Road

You, your friends, a car and one of the most beautiful Greek islands is everything you need to create the most beautiful summer memories!

Traveling time is quality time and you can have a lot more fun when enjoying the privacy of your own car than spending this great amount of time in public transportation and taxis.

Play games, listen to your favorite music, take pictures and videos and make every moment count!

6. Unlimited Stops

Amazing sunsets, picturesque villages, crystal clear beaches and luxury resorts will be all around you, making you want to stop and capture the view, meet the locals, taste the traditional products and experience Crete like a local yourself!

Enjoy unlimited stops on your way and let the island decide your schedule for you!

7. Save Money

A good deal for a Car Hire in Crete will be a much cheaper option at the end of the day for your transportation around the island. Sterling Rental offers benefits and discounts for pre-booking, so that you can book your car in the best price of the market.

A Car Hire is a cheaper option especially when you travel with family or friends because in public transportation you always have to pay per person. If you want to save money and make the best out of your trip, don;t hesitate to pre-book your car.

Extra tip: At Sterling Rental, no prepay is needed. So book your car in advance and pay at your arrival!

8.24/7 Support

A car hire usually comes with insurance and 24/7 support. No matter what happens or in case you need any travel information, our team is one call away. Just give us a call and we will support you at anything you may need!

Our goal is to make you feel like home and the most important part of this is to make you feel sure and safe , enjoying your vacation 100%.

9. Drive any Car you Want

You are spending your vacation at one of the most beautiful greek islands and you can enjoy your routes driving, literaly, any car you want. Every trip is a new driving experience and it is time for you to drive the car of your dreams. Rent a convertible for your rides in the city or a Jeep if you are travelling with family! Take a look at our fleet and while choosing your vehicle put your own experience first!

10. Take Great Pictures

A beautiful car can be a part of your amazing vacation pictures!

Driving during sunset, having fun with your friends on a convertible and stopping at the most famous spots to enjoy the view, are the perfect conditions to take amazing photographs during your trip!

Think of all the chances that you might have lost if you traveled around with a bus, not being able to stop and capture the beautiful moments of summer!

11. Driving Extras

Last but not least, if you are a car lover you will take full advantage of all the driving extras that are provided by Sterling Rental!

We love cars and if you also love them, we commit to make this trip a unique driving experience for you and your loved ones! If this trip is just another opportunity for you to drive a new car model then you already are a member of the big Sterling Rental family!

Get ready for one of the greatest trips of your life! Trust Sterling Rental team and come to our island for a new experience!