Hersonissos for water lovers

Scubadiving in Crete
Hersonissos can be a heaven for water lovers in terms of beaches, water sports and other relevant activities to choose from. Whether you are staying in the area or simply driving there in one of our cars, here are some of the many suggestions we have for you:


Limanakia is a picturesque sequence of three small bays that lie to the west of Hersonissos, up the winding little roads once one has driven past the Creta Maris Hotel complex. Each cove has its own name such as Sarandari and Gefiri (bridge), where the sea is almost always sheltered and calm, radiating the beautiful blue colours of the Aegean. Gefiri cove in particular, has white and slightly coarse sand which means the sea’s colours range even further towards clear and enchanting shades of turquoise. It is best to visit in the mornings on weekdays to avoid crowds as sun beds and parking places are limited. Above the little bay areas, one finds shops, restaurants and cafes for snacks throughout the day.
In addition, there are some pebble beaches located to the east of Hersonissos, in the vicinity of the Lychnostatis Museum. The wider area is known as Drapanos and the beaches there are much quieter than those found on the west side of the town, even on weekends.

The Red Beach and Kouses village
Scubadiving in Crete

Scuba Diving

for those who wish to enjoy a full underwater experience or even get a PADI/Baracuda diving certificate, there are both lessons and trips available in Hersonissos at the Diving Centre or at one of the two hotels: Nana Beach and Creta Maris. There are mesmerising limpets that shimmer as the sunlight tears through the water, sea urchins firmly attached to the rocks, many different fish and the distinguished octopus usually hiding in holes and crevices which may come out to greet you. If you have a vehicle, the South coast is also a great option for a very different diving experience due to the more diverse terrain.

what started as one swimming pool, a pool bar and a bungee jumping facility, gradually grew into a full-on water park! A wide variety of water sports are available in the beach bay area and there are multiple swimming pools to choose from, depending on what the presence is. Combining music, water and sometimes foam or paint parties, this place gives youngsters a holiday experience never to forget! On the other hand, many of the swimming pools have children’s slides and other fun activities to enjoy during a much calmer family holiday.
Star Beach
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The port

if you are looking to remain with your feet firmly on the ground, then an evening stroll along the port is a perfect way to relax. Watch the boats come and go while you daydream away, and upon reaching the little church of Agia Paraskevi, look back on the lights stretching along the shoreline of Hersonissos. Additionally, simply turning around the corner can provide a spectacular sunset with skies painted pink and blue. Alternatively, if you are looking to explore the sea and set sail, choose a trip on the glass bottom boat or with a yacht such as a sailing boat or a motor boat and explore Crete from a different perspective.