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Visit Sissi

Sissi is a fishing village located only 6 km from Malia. Although, it receives thousands of tourists every year, it has managed to remain intact from human intervention and holidaymakers and kept its quaintness through the years. The first thing you will see, when you arrive to Sissi, is the port in which you will probably feel the need to stop by and enjoy the view. People say it looks like a swimming pool or the continuation of a river because of its conformation and no one can deny its natural beauty. You can, also, visit its wonderful beaches such as Boufos or Avlaki and eat on the local fish-taverns that won’t leave you disappointed.
Sissi Crete

Krassi Village

If you want to experience the traditional Cretan way of life, then don’t miss the chance to visit Krasi. It is a small village with an altitude of about 600 meters, only 6 km south of Malia. At the highest point of the village there are drinking fountains that were made during the 19th century by locals. However, Krasi is well-known for the plane tree on the main square of the village which, as locals estimate, is more than 2.000 years old and its height almost reaches 15 meters. While keeping cool from the shade of the plane tree, you can enjoy a delicious meal cooked in traditional wood stoves.

Krassi village, Crete

Mochos Traditional Village

Mochos is a village on the mountains of Crete, only 12 km from Malia, which will provide you with an authentic experience of the Cretan lifestyle. You will not have to deal with masses of tourists or wait in long lines, rather you will be greeted by the locals and feel the Cretan hospitality. You can take a walk on the alleys of Mochos and see houses built since the 16th century, have a look at the churches which are decorated with Old Byzantine icons and also visit the Monastery of Panagia Theogennitoros. You may find it difficult to choose where to enjoy your lunch as there are many little tavernas in the main square, but truth is you will be more than satisfied with the local delicacies and the roasted meat.
Mochos Traditional Village, Crete


Hersonissos, which is only 12.5 km from Malia, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Crete as it comprises everything from diving centers and golfing to full-on nightclubs. However, there are many hidden treasures that can be found in Hersonnissos. Starting from Koutouloufari, a small village with only 600 inhabitants, you can take a stroll and see the quaint houses built of stones with arches while taking your morning coffee. You can also visit the Lycnostatis Open Air Museum in which you can explore the Cretan Folk Tradition and Ethnology, Cretan Nature and Environment and the Cretan Folk Culture.

Lasithi Plateau

The Lasithi Plateau (about 25 km from Malia), with an altitude of 800 meters, is not your regular summer destination as there are no beaches to go but it has many archaeological sites and an amazing view of nature. The well-known windmills that lie on the plateau will give you a glimpse of how Lasithi used to be before electric power was installed in the area. Nowadays, there are not as many as they used to be but they are still impressive. Don’t skip over to pay a visit to Dikteon Andron. According to Cretan mythology, it is where Rhea gave birth to Zeus and Amalthea nurtured him with her goat’s milk. In the cave you will see a wide variety of flaura and fauna and if you are lucky you may see some bats.
Lasithi Plateau, Crete